Bronllys Castle

Bronllys Castle

Just outside the historic village of Bronllys near the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park, you can find the remnants of a once proud castle that has stood there for nearly a thousand years.

Built upon a tall mound around the beginning of the 12th century, Bronllys Castle is a fascinating fortress that has seen many owners and many wars.

A towering castle

Despite its age, Bronllys Castle is still largely intact today, and you can explore its three floors to get an idea of what it would have looked like in its prime.

The top floor was added later during the 14th century to serve as a regal living chamber for the owner, and from here, you’ll get great views over the pastoral Welsh landscape.

The castle was repaired again in the 15th century during Owain Glyndwr’s uprising.

The keen-eyed among you might even see evidence of all these repairs and additions in the stone itself - look out for the difference in stonework on the upper floors.

However, by 1521, the castle had fallen into disrepair and it was decided that it was only fit to be used as a prison.

The basement was still usable and accessible by a trapdoor on the ground floor, and this dingy space was perfect for storing prisoners.

Could you imagine what life would have been like for those trapped below?

A bloody history

Bronllys Castle was built in a strategic spot on the Marches border, which was disputed territory between the Welsh and the English.

It was therefore built with one thing in mind: withstanding as many attacks as possible.

Although the castle started life as a wooden motte and bailey, it was later rebuilt out of stone.

This was to protect the tower from fire, however, in a stroke of tragic irony, there is a story that a fire actually caused some of the stone to come loose and fall on the Lord of Bronllys’ son, killing him.

In its heyday, Bronllys Castle would have been a formidable fortress.

The tower’s circular shape made it difficult for anyone to damage the walls and gave archers within a full field of fire.

Plus, the mound that the castle is built atop would have been too steep for enemies to scale, and also gave the defenders a great view over the surrounding land.

This castle saw more than its fair share of war and changed ownership many times throughout history.

As you touch its ancient walls, you’ll know you’re feeling stone that has seen countless battles.

Bronllys Castle has endured despite all odds throughout some of the bloodiest periods of Welsh history.

We’re sure that those interested in its impressive architecture or who want to learn more about the country’s difficult past will find a visit here fascinating.

Bronllys Castle,