Broomhill Estate

Broomhill Estate

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You don’t come to Broomhill Estate to simply stay the night.

You come to Broomhill Estate to experience art in its finest form, to relish in a meal that feels truly crafted – you come to Broomhill to make memories that'll never fail to fill you with happiness.

Before you even arrive at the art hotel, once you divert off the main road and travel up the long drive, Broomhill’s creative fingers have already begun to work their magic.

Signs of art everywhere

Immediately through the trees, flashes of colour steal your attention – hinting at the incredible works you’re about to discover on your stay.

Travel slightly further and once you cross the bridge and take a few corners, you’re welcomed by your first up-close experience of one of the fascinating sculptures.

From the bottom of the torso down, it looks as though the Flat Man is staying cosy under a blanket of earth and grass, its upper body and head all you can see emerging from the ground.

The National Sculpture Prize

Once your bags are unpacked and you’ve settled in, we think you’re going to be itching to get back out and discover the wonders dotted around the whole area.

Broomhill Estate hosts the National Sculpture Prize every year between July and November and works from past winners sit alongside those of established artists.

North Devon has its own natural beauty, but the sculptures seem to fit as perfectly into the landscape as the old conifers and tall broadleaves they’re surrounded by.

It truly makes for one unique walk that can be compared to nothing else.

A special eating experience

Sitting down at Broomhill’s newly refurbished restaurant, Terra Madre, the works covering the walls, makes for some interesting conversation.

Then before you know it, plates are being laid out in front of you.

For the first time in your whole stay at Broomhill, the art takes second place.

The food served up is just as intricately crafted as the pieces of art you find all over the estate.

It soon becomes obvious that the sculptors and painters aren’t the only artists at Broomhill.

Keep an eye out for upcoming events

There’s always something new coming up on the calendar at Broomhill so we really recommend you keep an eye out.

Whether you’re staying the night at the Broomhill Art Hotel or coming to the area for a wander around the gardens, every trip back you'll find something new to marvel at and delicious to eat.

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United Kingdom
EX31 4EX
  • Free parking
  • Toilets
  • Food&Drink - Café, restaurant, bar and lounges
  • Wheelchair users, carers and children under 4 go free
  • Sculpture gardens not fully accessible - the team there recommend you giving them a call before visiting
  • Dogs are welcome to the gardens on a short lead and outdoor dining in the gazebo

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