Buildwas Abbey

Buildwas Abbey

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Tucked away on the banks of the River Severn, with The Wrekin rising up high on one side and the Shropshire Hills running away on the other – Buildwas Abbey has watched the world go by for over 800 years.

Back to the old world

Time has stripped the abbey down to its barest bones, but even still the place holds an atmosphere that’s hard to put into words.

Once you’ve climbed the few steps from the car park, the abbey suddenly comes into view, inviting you to get exploring.  

The crumbling church tower rises up highest of all the ruins, moss weaving itself up over the stonework; only breaking where empty windows frame the sky.

Just off the side of the church, two rows of columns stretch away, creating walls filled with empty archways bordering an aisle of grass open to the sky above.

Inspiring awe-filled adventures for centuries

As soon as you step foot under the roofless remains, your senses come alive.

Everything from the musty smell of the weather-beaten, ancient ruins – to the cobwebs draping down over the stones reminds you of the stories and lives that once played out here.

But more than anything, there’s a feeling much harder to put into words.

If you’ve ever been to an ancient site before you’ve probably felt it, and if not, well – when you arrive at Buildwas Abbey, you’re about to.

Take your time wandering around the abbey. It doesn’t take long to see it all so be sure to really absorb every nook and cranny you find.

Somehow after all this time, the chapter house remains incredibly preserved.

Four columns stand in the middle of the room, surrounding a tile floor that’s alive with vibrancy and colour.

Then look above and spot the intricate stonework draping down like paper ring decorations above.

Room to nowhere

Hiding away at the very edge of the abbey is a passageway that leads to nowhere. An open doorway invites you into the room, but then on the other side, the way out is blocked by a huge wooden door.

Cutting through the darkness like a torch on a pitch-black night, a slither of light squeezes in below the door and through a tiny keyhole – somewhat illuminating the vast darkness.

Stories to take home

Before you leave Buildwas Abbey, you’re going to want to check out the old ticket office that’s now been transformed into a second-hand bookshop.

Sometimes just as good as an adventure in the real world can be one from the comforts of your home, with a tea in one hand and a book in the other.

Buildwas gives you the opportunity to experience both.

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