Cabilla and Redrice Woods

Cabilla and Redrice Woods

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Watching the world go by

Cabilla & Redrice Woods allow you a glimpse into a world from long ago.

The ancient woodland is one of the largest in Cornwall, made up of mighty oaks and hazel trees covering the area with their stretching canopies.

But when you visit the woodland, you’re not only met by the swaying branches and solid trunks of these magnificent trees. A small stream cuts through the area, joining the River Fowey that passes by just south of the woods.

And with that comes a whole other side to Cabilla & Redrice Woods. Drifting between the tall trees, the soft trickling sound of water emanates through the entire area.

There’s something about that sound which brings a sense of peace with it unlike anything else. Whenever you arrive at Cabilla & Redrice, you’ll be met by it. But depending on the season, there are always a few surprises as well.

In the warmer months

When spring and summer roll around, the wood comes alive with colours across every spectrum. From the vibrant greens filling the canopy above to the wildflowers bursting through the ground below – the whole wood is filled with the spectacular.

Autumn brings its own unique beauty to the woodland, filling the area with the musty smells that inevitably bring to mind nights drawing in and leafy pathways.

The wind sweeps by the bare branches in winter, filling the area with a chill. But wrap up warm and have a hot chocolate prepped for when you’re back home; you’ll soon thank yourself for heading out.

Ready to escape to the woods?

Whether it’s a morning stroll, an evening wander as the sun begins to set or an escape with your four-legged friend on the weekend – Cabilla & Redrice Woods will always be there, waiting.

How to find us

3 miles east of Bodmin

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