Caerleon Roman Baths - Castles of Wales

Caerleon Roman Baths - Castles of Wales

Visit Caerleon Roman Baths and Get Your Cadw Explorer Pass to Visit 20 Historic Monuments in Wales

Your key to unlock Wales' greatest castles, in one ticket!

The Castles of Wales Explorer Pass offers the freedom to explore all of Cadw's historic attractions and help you get the most out of your visit to Wales. 

  • Entry to 20 Welsh castles and attractions (see additional info for full list)
  • Visit as many castle as you want
  • Choice of either the 3 day pass or 7 day pass (the 3 day pass gives you 3 days of entrance and is valid for a 7 day period. The 7 day pass gives you 7 days of entrance, valid for 14 days)
  • Save lots of money!

Book your Castle of Wales Explorer Pass by tapping 'Book' on this page. Once booked, your pass will be sent to you by email. Show this pass upon entry to all attractions either on your device or print if you prefer.

Enjoy a day out, learning more about Roman history with family and friends

After visiting the Caerleon Roman amphitheatre, you'll want to learn even more about the past.

It's time to move to the Roman fortress nearby and continue discovering history by finding the smallest, significant details.

You'll be amazed when you see evidence of the Roman settlement in Wales.

Discover how the Romans lived

Step back in time at the National Roman Legion Museum. This place is small but full of Roman history to be discovered.

Appreciate the details of the stunning Roman mosaic floor, showing true craftsmanship in the beauty of the tiles. Walk a little further to inspect the gorgeous pottery nearby.

Chat about history with the kids as you see a coffin made from Bath stone. Shafts of lights slip through the stone casket - can you catch a glimpse of the skull inside?

Step outside

Your eyes will brighten when you smell the flowers as you walk through the garden at the back and see the vines winding around the triclinium.

Feel the cold water falling from the ornamental stone on the wall and hear it splashing down on the thin, red bricks below.

There's even a chance to dress up by trying on the replica Roman armour. You'll feel the heaviness of the cold metal helmet on your head as you don the gladiator outfit, including the cingulum - a wide leather belt to protect the gladiators' waistline from being hurt.

Rich in history

You'll be so impressed by the Caerleon Roman Fortress and Baths and let your imagination run free when you read about the 2,000-year history of this place.

The baths at Caerleon were originally built for the soldiers to enjoy leisure time. Clear light shimmers on the open-air swimming pool where soldiers used to bathe. See if you can spot a clay tile with a foot indent next to the natatio - we wonder who once walked in those shoes?

You'll also become fascinated with 88 engraved gemstones recovered from the bathhouse pipes in 1979 - the Romans usually bathed with their rings and other jewellery on so you can imagine how many got lost in the plumbing!

What other treasures will you discover on your trip to Caerleon?

What other Cadw attractions can I visit with the Castles of Wales Pass? 

The Roman Museum,
High Street,
Gwent NP18 1AE
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Castles of Wales Explorer 3-day pass and 7-day pass explained:

  • The 3 day pass gives you 3 days of free entrance, that is valid for a 7 day period. The 7 day pass gives you 7 days of free entrance, valid for 14 days.
  • The passes have been designed to be flexible and suit families and tourists spending one or two week weeks in Wales.

How much money will I save with the Castles of Wales Explorer Pass?

  • The more castles you see the more you'll save. 
  • Entry to the Castles of Wales can be anywhere between £8-£15 (approx) each, so this pass is great for anyone wishing to visit a bunch castes on their visit to Wales. 
  • You can visit a lot of castles in 1-2 weeks!

Who is the Castles of Wales Explorer Pass for?

  • Ideal for anyone looking for things to do in Wales, for anyone wanting to soak up as much Welsh culture as possible, and perfect for families on a budget!
  • Wales is often referred to as the "Castle Capital of the World" and has more castles per square mile than any other country, so this pass is also great for any tourists coming to Wales too!

What does Cadw mean?

  • Cadw [cad-oo] is the Welsh word for 'castle' or 'keep' 

What are the Castle of Wales Explorer Pass family tickets?

  • 2 adults and up to 3 children/grandchildren under 18. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

What Cadw attractions are included in the Castle of Wales Explorer Pass? 

  • Beaumaris Castle
  • Blaenavon Ironworks
  • Caerleon Roman Baths
  • Caernarfon Castle
  • Caerphilly Castle
  • Carreg Cennen Castle
  • Castell Coch 
  • Chepstow Castle
  • Cilgerran Castle
  • Conwy Castle
  • Criccieth Castle
  • Denbigh Castle 
  • Harlech Castle
  • Kidwelly Castle 
  • Laugharne Castle 
  • Oxwich Castle
  • Plas Mawr Elizabethan Town House
  • Raglan Castle
  • Rhuddlan Castle
  • Rug Chapel
  • St Davids Bishop's Palace
  • Tintern Abbey
  • Tretower Court and Castle
  • Valle Crucis Abbey
  • Weobley Castle

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