Cae'r Gors

Cae'r Gors

A short drive from Caernarfon in north Wales is a sweet little house named Cae’r Gors, once home to a famous local author, Kate Roberts, in the early 1900s.

A quarryman’s cottage

No matter how familiar you are with Roberts' work, Cae’r Gors is sure to fascinate you.

Her childhood belongings and authentic Victorian-era furnishings fill the rooms, and once you step inside, you'll instantly be transported to these times.

The heritage centre next door will teach you all about her life and the history of the area.

After hearing of Roberts’ life, you’re sure to leave Cae’r Gors with more fascinating knowledge about Wales as a country, her work, and gratitude for the things you have.

A peek into a hard life

Kate Roberts is known for her stories about strong women, and these characters often come from quarrying communities in her homeland.

This is because this was her life as well, having grown up in this very house as the oldest child of a poverty-stricken family, relying on the work in these quarries to survive.

Stepping into Cae’r Gors will not only give you insight into how she grew up, but also the kind of hardships and impoverished lifestyles which she wrote about in her books.

The barren slate landscapes

If you’re interested in this chapter of history, be sure to also visit one of this area’s many slate landscapes.

Sites like Penrhyn Slate Quarry are stunning wastelands where the north Wales slate industry once boomed.

This massive quarry is similar to where men like Roberts’ father would have tirelessly worked, an important reminder of the industrial history that shaped Wales.

Cae’r Gors is a captivating step back in time to a difficult but important time in this area. No matter if you know of Roberts’ work or not, there’s something for everyone to learn here.

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