Caer Lêb

Caer Lêb

Perhaps the kids are learning about history in school, and you’re looking for things to do near Anglesey? Or maybe you just love nothing more than visiting historic sites and learning all about how our ancestors lived?

We're sure you'll find Caer Lêb an interesting site in a very peaceful and beautiful location.

The history behind it

There actually isn’t a lot of confirmed history behind Caer Lêb, but there have been lots of excavations and research to try to find out the true origin.

Caer Lêb translates as ‘Leaven Castle’ in English - however, we do know it wasn’t a castle, more like a prehistoric enclosure.

Arrive and you'll see double banks and ditches that leave just an imprint of a once magnificent residence. Take a stroll to the information board and you'll find an artist’s impression of how this place would have looked, helping you to imagine what went on here over all these years.

Pottery and coins have been found at Caer Lêb, dating back to the 3rd-century, so we do know it has a wealth of history.

Located on marshland, some believe it could possibly have been the location of a medieval moat homestead. Victorian excavations found structures within the enclosure, but they don't remain for us to see today.

Castell Bryn Gwyn

If you’re enjoying the tranquillity of the area, why not take a walk over to Castell Bryn Gwyn, a New Stone Age settlement?

Along the way, we're sure you'll find the perfect spot to tuck into a picnic. What better feeling than sitting in the sunshine, listening to the birds, and looking out to the rolling hills?

Visit the famous town with the longest name in Europe

Only six miles away from Caer Lêb is the town of Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch. If you’re in the area, then visiting the town and having a photo next to one of its signs is something else to tick off!

You may wonder why it has such a long name? It was named this in the 1800s simply so that it would have the longest railway station sign in the country. Ever since it's been a popular tourist destination, and we can see why.

We'd recommend rounding your day of adventures off by popping into one of the town's pubs and having a scrumptious meal after a busy day exploring.

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