Caerleon Amphitheatre

Caerleon Amphitheatre

Calling all history lovers

One of the top things to do in Caerleon, you absolutely must visit one of the most important Roman sites in the world - Caerleon Amphitheatre.

The name Caerleon came from the Welsh for "fortress of the legion" and the Caerleon Roman Fortress may well have been built by a man called Turstin FitzRolf.

Feel the wind blowing through your hair and making the trees sway when you visit this beautiful open area.

You'll be trying to grasp the fact that Caerleon was originally built thousands of years ago, in AD 75 when the Romans took over this part of the world.

Feel the past all around you

Known as Isca to the Romans, Caerleon holds the only remains of a Roman Legionary Barracks on view anywhere in Europe.

Daydream about the big gladiator battles that happened at the very same spot you now stand, with 6,000 people in the baying crowds. 

Smell the chalky dust beneath your feet as you move between the Roman walls. Take a closer look and you'll see the outside rock walls actually strengthened the structure.

A short walk away, you'll find the barracks.

When the Roman soldiers finished the battles at the amphitheatre, they would go to the baths to wash the blood off themselves.

These barracks actually carried the water to the baths, through the genius of Roman plumbing systems.

Try the Roman Discovery Trail adventure to discover even more interesting facts, using the Digi Dig 1926 app!

Explore the amphitheatre and barracks at Caerleon as you find clues and meet historical characters to find the museum’s treasures and unlock a virtual National Roman Legion Museum.

A pint by a Roman tower

Before you head home, why not visit the Caerleon tower, near the Hanbury Arms pub?

Hear the river Usk flowing calmly beside you and splashing over the rocks as you notice the remains of the Roman watchtower beside the building.

End the day sipping on a pint and absorbing all the history you've learned along the way. 

Only two miles from Newport, Caerleon is in the perfect spot for a day out.

Why not pack up the car and head here today?

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