Caerwent Roman Town

Caerwent Roman Town

The village of Caerwent in south Wales has lived many lives. Arriving now, you might not expect to hear stories that this lovely, quiet village was once a bustling Roman town.

It seems unexpected, but when you stumble across the Caerwent Roman Town remains, the stories start to become facts. Caerwent has lived many lives and it's impossible not to be fascinated by them all.

Some history about the place

Before the Romans arrived, the area was originally a settlement of the Brythonic Silures tribe and was founded somewhere between AD 75 – 80.

When the Romans turned up later on, they brought knowledge of architecture and construction with them. Simple buildings were replaced by temples, villas, and public baths. Some even had underfloor heating.

We don’t know about you but we wouldn’t mind just popping back in time for a bit. A quick bathe before stopping off at the shops to pick up some fresh bread and a wedge of cheese before getting back to the villa where the floors have been preheated. That doesn’t sound too bad at all.

Pub nearby

A modern-day equivalent isn’t too far off, however.

After you’re done wandering the walls of historic buildings, head to The Coach and Horses Inn for some scrumptious food. And Caerwent weather permitting, sit out in the beer garden and enjoy the sunshine.

After the Romans

Although best known as an important Roman market town, Caerwent began its second life as the centre for the Kingdom of Gwent somewhere around the 5th century. The village's medieval history is just as impressive as its Roman.

It can be hard to imagine a time so long ago, but wandering around the walls that remain it’s impossible not to picture the earlier life of Caerwent – what would’ve been known then as Ventra Silurum.

Balancing along the foundations of walls that once would’ve seen families going about their daily lives somehow makes history feel not very far off.

Learning about the Romans in books is great fun. But we’re sure if you bring the kids along to walk in the footsteps of the actual people they’re learning about, their intrigue and understanding are bound to go off the charts.

Plus it’s a great day exploring where they'll get all their energy out running around all the ruins.

The Caerwent army training estate is nearby so don’t worry if you hear the marching footsteps of soldiers. The Romans aren’t coming to get you, it's just troops in training.

Mini Rome in Monmouthshire

It’s quite unbelievable to think of a scaled-down version of Rome in the heart of Monmouthshire, but that’s essentially what Caerwent originally was.

Throw a spread over one of the picnic tables and put on a feast equivalent to the Romans before your adventures finish. You can even try getting someone to hand feed you grapes, but unfortunately, we can’t promise that.

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