Caister Roman Fort

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Fighting the enemy

Surround yourself with history as the vibrant blue sky shines above you at Caister Roman Fort.

Once upon a time, this place wasn't so peaceful.

It protected an army of 500 to 1,000 men who put their lives at risk to battle against Rome’s rebels.

Remains of the war

Pull up in front of the site and you'll notice the stone foundations of the walls before you.

Walk a little further and you'll find the information board, illustrating how the site would once have looked. Can you imagine it all there, a bustling fort full of Roman soldiers?

We'd suggest taking a wander and running your hand along the strong stone walls, breathing in the fresh air as you step inside the fort.

This point used to look out over the defenses so the soldiers could keep an eye out for any intruders.

Roman families lived here

Caister Roman Fort wasn't just used as a defence - excavations have uncovered items proving that families lived here, too.

Close your eyes and imagine the noise of their bracelets and necklaces jangling as they pass by while the smell of charred grain surrounds you.

Hairpins falling to the floor, hidden under the soil for thousands of years. Who did they belong to?

A military base

Nature has started to reclaim the once-great walls and where soldiers used to stand, there have been spearheads, arrowheads, and belt buckles found beneath the ground - the memories of their owners now long gone.

Understanding the history of a place is always extraordinary but being at Caister Roman Fort and standing on the same ground, you can almost imagine it all playing out before you.

Come and see it for yourself.

30 Norwich Road,
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