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Matilda The Musical

Available to 15 December 2024

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Being a ‘little bit naughty’ never hurt anyone, not really anyway. In fact, Matilda, a small girl with a big imagination, discovered that it was the only way she could survive in a world where she didn’t fit in.

At home, her parents think she’s a waste of space, and at school it isn’t much better either – where Miss Trunchbull rules with an iron fist and under a reign of terror.

But Matilda has something to say about that. Not only does she have bravery and intelligence on her side, but also some magical powers that might just come in very useful.

Adapted from Roald Dahl’s beloved novel, Matilda The Musical holds the original dearly in its heart while bringing its own unique energy.

With mesmerising set designs, incredible choreography and a young cast that will instantly charm you – get ready to experience theatre like you never have before.

Dahl’s iconic wit and storytelling are weaved together throughout the whole performance – leaving you nostalgic for those childhood days when you couldn’t put down his books.

Are you ready to follow Matilda as she takes control of her own destiny? Time to head to the Cambridge Theatre and take your seat.

Seven Dials,
32-34 Earlham Street,
  • Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes
  • Ages: 6+ is the recommended age (Under 4's will not be admitted.)
  • Children under 16 years cannot watch the show if unaccompanied by an adult

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