Cantlop Bridge

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If you're visiting the beautiful village of Berrington in Shropshire, be sure to step back in time to 1813 by visiting Cantlop Bridge.

A peaceful stream

The birds invite you to come forward on to the cast-iron bridge as they sing around you.

Admire the incredible achievement of the Georgian construction, a bridge that was part of an expanding system.

You'll hear the river flow calmly by, like heaven to your ears.

Nature has its magical way of decorating the land around the bridge.

Trees thrive on each side, encouraging you to stay a bit longer in this beautiful location.

Maybe that's one of the reasons why it was created by the excellent engineer Thomas Telford in such an idyllic spot.

More history to discover

You can uncover more history by heading to what's thought to be the first parliament that commoners were allowed to attend!

Drive from the bridge for just eight minutes to the magnificent 13th-century Acton Burnell Castle.

An untouched puritan church

Continue the adventure by taking the 30-minute walk to Langley Chapel.

The first thing you'll become intrigued by is the excellent condition of the furniture that survives from the 1600s!

Breathe in the scent of the antique chairs while you admire the roof - a phenomenon of majestic timber beams.

Nature and history - the perfect combination

Absorb the historic surroundings of Shropshire and we're sure your day will be jam-packed full of adventure.

Cantlop Bridge is waiting for you, so why not stop off there first?

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