Capel Garmon Burial Chamber

Capel Garmon Burial Chamber

Explore prehistoric Wales

Breathe in the smell of fresh grass as you feel the sunshine-warmed stone at the Capel Garmon Burial Chamber in North Wales.

You'll find this spot near Betws-y-Coed, the gateway to Snowdonia. There's no need to pre-book as you can discover this well-preserved Neolithic (New Stone Age) monument for free.

Hear the whisper of voices and footsteps when you walk the 5m passageway to the triple burial chamber and see the large capstone over the western section.

Feel the wind slipping through the stone corridors as you explore the structure, climbing around the ring of grey stones that once marked the outline of a 30m earthen mound, originally covering the tomb.

This impressive historic chamber is something of an abnormality.

Stand in the sunshine as you ponder on a theory for this unusual position - why it was built and why so far north is still a mystery to archaeologists.

A similar Welsh burial tomb can be found at Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber.

See places nearby during your visit

Why not explore the 17th century Gwydir Uchaf Chapel?

Pull up at a car park 50 metres from the church before being charmed by the extravagant chapel, combining Gothic and Renaissance styles.

Step inside and enjoy the splendidly painted interior. Gaze upwards and you'll see a gorgeous celestial painted ceiling decorated with angels, doves, cherubs, and symbols of the sun, moon, and stars in this small, hidden away church.

Then we recommend hiking up the hill to Dolwyddelan Castle, six miles away from Capel Gorman.

Walk inside and discover why the castle was built, perusing the information boards as you learn more about the princes and kings who lived here.

Once you reach the top of the castle, you're rewarded with the remarkable Snowdonian view.

Or be surrounded by history when wandering around Conwy Town Walls.

Among the finest and most complete in Europe, you'll enjoy seeing the continuous protection around Conwy’s medieval heart - they run for three-quarters of a mile, with 21 towers and three original gateways along the way.

You're in for a beautiful day out when you explore the exciting history behind North Wales.

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