Capel Lligwy

Capel Lligwy

Uncover the Welsh mystery

Visit a peaceful and serene place when you discover the ruins of Capel Lligwy. Feel the grass underfoot as you get closer to the historic building overlooking Lligwy Bay.

Imagine the size of the vanished community that once used this 12th-century chapel as a special place for worship.

Wander around the small square walls that hold the derelict chapel within before entering through the doorway on the south side, headed by a traditional plain curve.

In the 18th century, Capel Lligwy was used privately by the owners of Lligwy House before falling into disrepair.

Get up close to the strong stones that were used to build the walls, and run your hand along the imagining the medieval hands who created this lonely little church. The chapel appeared towards the end of the Viking invasions and after attempts by the Normans to take over the island.

Feel the mystery and importance of this 12th-century structure as you walk around this special place.

Classified as a Grade II listed building in 1952, Capel Lligwy still has a few of the architectural details surviving from the 12th century, and some walls that were partially reconstructed in the 14th century.

More history to be discovered

You'll become mesmerised by the creation of the Lligwy Burial Chamber near the east coast of Anglesey. This mysterious tomb dates from the late Neolithic (New Stone Age) times.

Stop in front of one of the largest capstones in Britain, weighing 25 tons and measuring 18ft in length.

Men, women, and children were buried here and archaeologists also found animal bones, shells, flint implements, pottery, and a bone pin when they carried out excavations in 1908.

Step inside a beautiful medieval house

They've called this house a (summer) dairy house, or hafoty, since 1585.

Hafoty Medieval House will dazzle. From being a timber-framed house around the 14th century to being encased in stone and witnessing restorations in the 19th and late 20th centuries, this beautiful place is still standing strong.

Step out of the sun and into the coolness of this ancient building. As soon as you push the door open, you'll be unveiling an astonishing glimpse into the medieval residence of Anglesey’s past.

Walk between the sloping white walls and embrace the fantastic views from the arched windows.

We're sure you'll be back for more fun soon on the beautiful, historic island of Anglesey.

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