Scare Fest tickets - Cardiff Pumpkin Festival 2023

Scare Fest tickets - Cardiff Pumpkin Festival 2023

Cardiff Pumpkin Festival - Tickets on Sale

Available to 31 October 2023

Seasonal events like Halloween and Christmas, no matter how big or small, sell out extremely fast and are usually cheaper the earlier you book them. We recommend you book your tickets as soon as you possibly can to avoid disappointment.

*Tickets for this event have now Sold Out* Prepare for a terrifying time in Cardiff Pumpkin Festival in one of the best Halloween events for 2023

Looking for some scary things to do in Cardiff this Halloween? It doesn't come much more frightening than Scare Fest at Cardiff Pumpkin Festival this October. 

Featuring two heart-pounding horror mazes and plenty of other spooky delights, including street food, fairground rides, fire displays, spooktacular live performances, roaming costumed characters and more. 

The Scare Fest is strictly not for children and is recommended for those aged 14+ only. While it may not be for the faint of heart, those brave enough will find plenty of frightful fun at Scare Fest 2023. 

When does Scare Fest take place?

Scare Fest runs from 6:00pm to 11:00pm. Your ticket is valid all evening. Arrive when you like and stay as long as you want. Last entry is at 9:00pm. Haunt and maze queue entry closes at 10:15pm. Attractions close at 10:30pm. Site closes at 11:00pm. 

​What are the scare mazes at Cardiff Scare Fest 2023?

  • The Veiled Coven: A coven of witches lurks, coveting the love that eludes them and, in their thirst, grasp at dark, forbidden rituals rumoured to grant them unimaginable powers. By taking the eyes of unwitting victims, these witches gain the ability to pierce the veil between worlds. As you step into their terrifying lair, the line between legend and reality blurs. Will you escape the twisted theatre of their wicked fantasies, or will you become an unwitting player in their sinister game?
  • Biohazard Apocalypse: Prepare to confront your deepest fears in a heart-pounding journey at a remote outpost. A High Security Facility has become ground zero for a nightmarish outbreak, mutating ordinary civilians into ravenous, ravaged zombies. Amidst the radioactive chaos, can you navigate the factory's twisted corridors and elude the insatiable undead? Or will you become yet another victim of the Biohazard Apocalypse?

What else is going on at Cardiff Scare Fest 2023?

  • Fire display: Ignite your senses with a thrilling fire display at select times during the evening. Marvel at the mesmerising flames as they dance and flicker, creating a captivating visual spectacle against the dark sky.
  • Fire pits: Gather around cozy fire pits, where warmth and laughter fill the night air. Get some marshmallows and get roasting as you savour the simple pleasures of this delightful fireside experience.
  • Pumpkin games: Challenge your friends to games like pumpkin bowling, pumpkin noughts and crosses, and pumpkin checkers. 
  • Street food and drink: A feast of Halloween-inspired treats from savoury delights to sweet temptations awaits! As well as pumpkin spice lattes of course! From the Pumpkin Bar enjoy specialty cocktails, wine, beers and refreshing soft drinks.
  • Tarot readings: Unveil the mysteries of the future with these captivating Tarot Readings. Let skilled mystics guide you through the ancient cards, offering insights and revelations. Discover hidden truths, gain clarity, and unlock the secrets that lie ahead in your personal journey.
  • Fairground rides: Step right up! Embrace the allure and thrill of classic rides and exhilarating games
  • Live entertainment: Prepare to be spellbound by the spooktacular performers of the Scare Fest, taking to the pumpkin stage for your entertainment and delight!​
  • Roaming performers: These roaming street performers lurk in the shadows. Prepare for unexpected encounters, adding an extra layer of suspense and intrigue to your evening.
  • Pumpkin patch: Gather your friends and head out under the moonlight sky to find your perfect pumpkin. Navigate through the twinkling pathways, guided only by the glow of lanterns and fairy lights. Whether carving, baking, or decorating, there's an ideal pumpkin for everyone.
  • Singing pumpkins: Visit the captivating singing pumpkins, dance and sing along as they perform Halloween classics for your enjoyment!

A terrifyingly fun time awaits all who are brave enough to take on Scare Fest 2023 in Cardiff this October. Are you up for facing your fears? Get your tickets today for the best prices online. 

Looking for something more family friendly? Cardiff Pumpkin Festival also runs daytime festivals that are more suitable for younger visitors to this Cardiff Halloween event. 

Cardiff CF5 6SG

How to find us

You can find Cardiff Pumpkin Festival at the address: Coedarhydyglyn Park, Near Culverhouse Cross, St. Nicholas, Cardiff


By bus:

The nearest bus stop is at Duffryn Springs.

  • Free parking
  • Toilets
  • Baby-changing facilities

People also ask:

Is there an age limit for Scare Fest Cardiff?

  • This event is NOT FOR CHILDREN. No child younger than 14 are recommended to attend this event. Parental guidance is advised and no child under the age of 12 will be admitted to the site. There will be no refunds if you are refused entry due to bringing a child younger than the recommended age.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. advise that the event is primarily designed for over 16's.

Does Scare Fest Cardiff allow fancy dress?

  • Fancy dress at Scare Fest Cardiff is encouraged. However, for security reasons, no masks or hoods are to be worn and that no imitation weapons/large props are brought as part of your costume. If you do arrive with any of these items, they will be confiscated by security.

Will the actors jump out and touch me at Scare Fest Cardiff?

  • Actors WILL jump out to give you the ultimate scare experience and they MAY touch you. You are not permitted to touch the actors and doing so will mean that you will be asked to leave the festival immediately. 

Are there flashing lights, smoke and special effects at Scare Fest Cardiff?

  • Yes, the haunts feature flashing lights, strobes and special effects. If you have any conditions that may be affected by these factors, then you are strongly advised against visiting.

Is there any running to be done at Scare Fest Cardiff?

  • Running is not allowed in either of the scare mazes. Whilst the fear may make you want to run, it is not safe to do so! Keep moving forwards!

Can I visit Scare Fest Cardiff if I have a medical condition?

  • If you, or anybody in your party, have a history of medical conditions that include heart disorders, pregnancy, claustrophobia, photosensitive forms of epilepsy, back disorders, diabetes, arthritis or asthma then please consult a GP or medical professional about your planned attendance.

What can I do at Scare Fest Cardiff if I am pregnant?

  • Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event, tight spaces and uneven flooring, the scare mazes are not recommended for pregnant individuals. There is still lots to enjoy though, including live entertainment, pumpkin games, pumpkin patch and food and drink offerings.

Is Scare Fest Cardiff suitable for disabled access?

  • The pumpkin fields and scare attractions are not suitable for people with mobility issues, due to the terrain and tight spaces that make access difficult.

Does bad weather affect Scare Fest Cardiff?

  • This is an outdoor event with all scare mazes and games predominantly taking place outside. The site will remain open during bad weather, unless the weather is of such an extremity that it needs to be closed due to due to health and safety reasons.
  • Scare Fest Cardiff reserves the right to shut individual attractions due to operational or safety reasons, but if the majority of the site remains open then Scare Fest will not offer return tickets or refunds.
  • If Scare Fest needs to close the entire site then ticket holders will be offered to come back another date.

How long should I allow for Scare Fest Cardiff?

  • It is recommended that you allow at least two hours for your visit to allow time for queuing and to go through the attractions, get a bite to eat and drink, pick your pumpkins and enjoy the atmosphere of the event!

What time does Scare Fest Cardiff close?

  • The Scare Fest Cardiff queues close at 10:15pm. 
  • All attractions close at 10:30pm. 
  • The entire site will be closed at 11:00pm. 

What should I wear to Scare Fest Cardiff?

  • Cardiff Pumpkin Festival takes place in open fields in October, there is no guarantee that you will not get dirty! It is not recommended that you wear your best going out clothes as no damage to clothes will be compensated in any circumstance whatsoever. Wrap up warm, wear sensible footwear and dress appropriately. Some evenings can get very chilly!

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