Cardinham Woods

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It's possible to spend a full day at Cardinham Woods enjoying the open green spaces and fresh air.

It's easy to fall in love with this place and you'll be surprised by how much the kids drop their screen time to come here.

Walking and cycling trails for different abilities

Take in the beauty of the trees surrounding you as you move along the easy access Lady Vale pathway, listening to the calm river as you make your way up to Lady Vale Bridge.

Where did the name of the river come from? It was named after The Chapel of Our Lady which used to stand alongside the river throughout the 12th century.

Cycle your way through the tall trees

Your bike will shine beneath the sunshine as you take the toughest trail at Hell's Teeth.

Feel your heart beating fast with excitement as you navigate the corners before zooming down the steep final descent.

Tuck into delicious food

The thought of scrumptious food is enough to get your mouth watering and stomach growling.

Eat slowly to savour every inch of the sandwiches you've packed while the breeze gently brushes through your hair at the picnic benches.

Don't have time to prepare food?

The aroma of homemade recipes will make your eyes light up as you notice the delightful treats on offer at the family-run Wood Cafe.

We can guarantee your feet will be moving a little faster when you smell their delicious soup and little chocolate cakes.

Cardinham Woods in central Cornwall is the perfect place to relax or pump up your adrenaline, depending on your mood.

With wonderful pathways to uncover, you'll go home feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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