Carmel National Nature Reserve

Carmel National Nature Reserve

Depending on when you arrive at Carmel National Nature Reserve in Carmarthenshire, there's a lot of difference in the type of wildlife and habitats you'll see.

Take the turning towards Llandybie, follow the road for one mile and you'll find the car park on the left, just before a junction. 

As soon as you pull up, your adventure begins. 

Through the seasons

Arrive in summer and you’re rewarded with sightings of rare plants such as lily-of-the-valley and toothwort.

Look out for an abundance of lovely bluebells too - a carpet of these beautiful flowers sweeping through the woods never fails to be a standout of the sunnier months.

Then when the bluebells disappear, the landscape takes on a different beauty.

Autumn brings with it the quintessential smells of musty forest floors and memories of nights drawing in, cold winter days within touching distance.

A return trip in winter will leave you scratching your head when you spot a lake you’re pretty sure wasn’t there back in the summer.

Don’t fear, you’re not going mad.

The walk passes by a turlough, a disappearing lake that fills with groundwater in the winter and empties most summers.

Climb to the top of the old quarry

But some things stay the same no matter the time of year at Carmel Nature Reserve.

The Quarry Trail leads you right to the top of the old quarry, where you're welcomed by the stunning Carmarthenshire countryside falling away around you.

The landscape never fails - whether covered in sunshine or snowfall - to leave you overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the area.

On a clear day, you might even be able to spot the rising hills of the Brecon Beacons off in the distance.

We do recommend wearing hiking boots for your walk. Paths are often steep and covered in loose stones where some good footwear comes in handy.

More nature to discover

The National Botanical Garden of Wales is only a short drive from the reserve. It’s a great way to extend your day's adventure and see some more wonders of the natural world.

If you’re bringing the kids along, we think heading to the British Bird of Prey Centre is your best bet.

Watching a golden eagle flying through the sky is sure to leave even the most excitable little ones fascinated for the entire day.

So what do you reckon? We think one visit to Carmel Nature Reserve won't be enough and you'll soon be back. And every time you'll be leaving with the biggest smile stretched across your face.

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