Carn Euny Ancient Village

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An impressive ancient village

Enjoy a day wandering around the remains of Carn Euny Ancient Village, a community dating from the Iron Age until the end of the Roman invasion of Britain.

Bask in the sunshine as you make the short walk from the car park to the village, experiencing the cool breeze as you imagine what life was like here all those centuries ago.

Let your fingers brush over the stone foundations of the 2nd to 4th-century, where the walls are up to a metre high.

What should you explore first?

It's a truly wonderful opportunity to explore the nooks and crannies of an underground tunnel, also known as a fogou.

You'll hear your shoes against the round stepping stones as you make your way further along the passage.

But what will you see inside the tunnel? The gorgeous view of the countryside will disappear when taking each step to move further below, surrounded by the breathtaking stone structure.

Touch the bumpy stone walls as you stroll along, the tunnel soon lighting up by the sunlight peeping through at the end.

Find your way to this evocative settlement

As with all the idyllic Cornish countryside, the luscious green fields are simply breathtaking.

You'll get to bask in the glorious 40 acres of land where the community grew oats, barley, and rye and kept either goats or sheep.

Want to know what happened?

The mystery of the village will leave you feeling curious about why it was abandoned around 400 AD.

No one knows why, but we think the unknown is the reason you'll come back, wanting to find out more.

Perhaps one day you'll be able to reveal the secret of Carn Euny Ancient Village?

Carn Euny,
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