Castell Bryn Gwyn

Castell Bryn Gwyn

An ancient site with a rich history

Walk in the footsteps of the locals who used to live in Castell Bryn Gwyn throughout the Neolithic period, and potentially up until the 1st-century.

No one really knows what this site was used for, but it may have been a place of religious sanctuary.

Feel the grass brush against your legs as you explore this circular clay and gravel bank. You can truly appreciate the peacefulness of Castell Bryn Gwyn when you climb the 1.5m high slope and wander the perfect green lawn.

See if you can spot the stone walls around the outside which were built throughout the Iron Age.

Visit the walled town of Caernarfon

Continue your day of history with a trip to Caernarfon Town Walls. Enjoy a gentle stroll around the medieval construction that encircles the beautiful town.

Smell the delicious coffee as you pass by local cafes and grab one to take away as you wander down quaint streets. Tour the path of the 734m long walls, with eight towers and two gateways to discover along the way.

Stones standing since the New Stone Age

Or if you're craving more serenity, hear the sound of squirrels between the trees as you enjoy a lovely walk to reach Bodowyr Burial Chamber.

Built during the Neolithic period, this small spot was created for the communal burial of the dead.

Feel the mystery of this chamber - it's never been excavated so we don't know what lies underneath.

The large, mushroom-shaped capstone used to be held up by four tall standing rocks but one has since fallen over. The fifth, smaller rock is assumed to indicate the entrance to the tomb.

An epic adventure starts here

Feeling adventurous? Just a 40-minute drive from Castell Bryn Gwyn is Crib Goch in Snowdonia National Park. It means ‘red ridge’ in the Welsh language because you'll be walking on a knife-edge above the mountains.

You'll get a huge adrenaline rush as you reach the highest point on the arête, 923 metres above sea level. When you reach the top, be sure to take in the spectacular view.

Wherever your day takes you, we know you'll have a wonderful time exploring beautiful North Wales.


Yr Odyn,
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