Castle Acre Castle And Bailey Gate

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Castle Acre is a beautiful and tranquil village in Norfolk that oozes history. Arrive at the village and you may even take the road which still runs through the bailey gate.

As soon as you arrive at the car park, you'll instantly want to get out of the car and begin exploring.

Although there's not much stone left, you can still see the earthworks which are so fascinating to trace.

Don’t worry if you’re not the best at imagining what Castle Acre would once have looked like - there are plenty of information boards so you can fully understand the history that took place here.

Immerse yourself in history

The beautiful location really is breathtaking in itself. Strategically located by the River Nar, it means there's plenty for you to explore.

The vast area will be loved by the whole family (dogs included) and kids will love exploring as everywhere you look, there's more history to be discovered.

Made up of lots of paths, bridges, and walkways, it’s the perfect place to be immersed in history as you take in the peace and quiet of the countryside and listen to the birds.

We're sure you'll find that perfect spot to sit down, relax and tuck into your sandwiches while enjoying the views.

Fancy a stroll?

There's actually a six-mile, gentle walk that takes you from the castle and through the picturesque Nar Valley.

Explore woods, open fields, and beautiful footpaths as you get familiar with the local area.

What happened at Castle Acre?

The Earl of Surrey, William de Warenne began building the castle in 1070.

It was more a grand country house than a castle, however, his descendants made it much more impressive.

Within three generations, the family created the castle as we know it now, as well as surrounding the town with massive ramparts and establishing Castle Acre Priory.

The bailey gate you may have driven through to get to the castle was part of the increasing form of defence that his descendants built around 1200.

By the late Middle Ages, the castle was abandoned, but its ramparts and ditches survive to what we see today.

It's actually regarded as one of the finest castle earthworks in England. So, grab your picnic and get exploring!

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