Castle Neroche

Castle Neroche

Some places soothe the soul and rest the mind.

The main stretch of Blackdown Hills to discover Castle Neroche will disconnect you from the hectic day-to-day and time will slow as you begin to relax and rediscover yourself.

As you lay the picnic blanket in the shade of one of the old trees, the sunlight will shine through, making pretty patterns on the floor. It's the perfect spot to sit and be still in nature.

Bring some pillows along to make the setting even more comfortable. Then grab your favourite book and a refreshing drink to enjoy as you immerse yourself in a gripping story.

Let the interesting history reveal itself 

Breathe in the earthy aroma and hear the squirrels chattering in the honeyed light of an afternoon as the beautiful forest meets the confines of a prehistoric Iron Age hillfort.

As your dog plays in the leaves, you'll discover ancient history as you walk through the woods to explore the fascinating remains of Castle Neroche.

Hear voices of the past when you imagine how this place was once used. The castle was actually used as a shelter for the neighbouring farming communities when they were attacked by tribes in the area.

Looking for an idea to entertain the kids in the forest? Spot the dragons! Let their small fingers run over the carved wooden monsters and feel how sharp their teeth are.

The secret way to a healthier life

If there’s one constant in life you'd like to have, it's health but we all know how hard it is to maintain a workout schedule if there isn't space for it.

That's what this forest provides you with - space, all day and every day, whatever suits your schedule.

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