Castlerigg Stone Circle

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Giants on patrol

Castlerigg Stone Circle is surrounded by watching giants. They loom in the distance against the horizon.

But don’t worry, there’s nothing to fear. These giants sit passively against the skyline, falling away only to begin rising again further in the distance.

Standing at Castlerigg Stone Circle, the views of the surrounding Lake District are completely breathtaking.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to figure out why anyone would choose this location as such an important site.

Each way you look is filled with landscapes set to leave you in awe-filled silence.

There’s old, then there’s really old

Wrapping your head around the idea that the stones themselves of Castlerigg are around 5000 years old is challenging enough, but the mountains of Helvellyn and High Seat nearby date back around 450 million years.

It’s hard to put that into perspective really because not even dinosaurs were around then.

After you’re done admiring the surrounding environment, you can finally start to focus on the ancient stones of Castlerigg.

Not much is known about the site, however, so much of its purpose and history is left for you to decide.

One thing that we do know is the site predates most other stone circles in Britain which tend to date back to the Bronze Age.

What do you think then? Perhaps the circle was the location where communities would gather on special occasions? For religious purposes or maybe as a trading site?

It’s hard to tell and we think letting your imagination pull on its little detective hat and trying to discover the secrets of the place is impossible to resist.

A day of exploration

You can even explore Castlerigg Stone Circle as part of a longer walk through the area.

A great one starts at the Market Square in Keswick and heads through the stone circle before returning back to the Market Square.

It’s a wonderful way of discovering the ancient site as part of a lovely day in the area.

Be sure to take a map of the route so you don’t take any wrong turns.

Keswick Adventures

The Lake District is the perfect destination to get the wet suit out and take to the water.

After you’re done exploring Castlerigg, we think stopping off at Keswick Adventures for a kayak across the lake is a must.

There’s something about being on the water that instantly brings a sense of peace.

The water softly ebbs up the side of the kayak and the rhythm of pulling the paddle through the water becomes almost hypnotic.

And like your visit to Castlerigg, the views of the surrounding Lake District as you're gliding over the water will never fail to leave you in wonder at the magnificence of the natural world.

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