Catalyst Science Discovery Centre and Museum - Best Price Tickets

Catalyst Science Discovery Centre and Museum - Best Price Tickets

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Your day at Catalyst may have started out with the kids in mind. But with so much to learn and exhibits to interact with, you grown-up out there are in for a treat as well.

A fun day out for all

But sooner or later, it’s inevitable that something catches your eye. Perhaps it’s some olde-worlde chemist’s apparatus in the museum? Or a curious artefact or photo in the Gallery?

No matter what it is, it won’t be long until you’re marvelling at every passing thing, as wide-eyed and fascinated as your little ones.

Catalyst plays a pivotal role in the education of school children between Key Stage 1 to 4, so there’s a chance you might even have your own little personal tour guide showing you around the place.

Up in the sky

Where will they take you first? To the Observatory Gallery maybe, where the glass walls are filled with incredible panoramic views over Widnes and across the River Mersey.

Admire the photo collection on display before getting involved with the kids at the current exhibition.

They’re often hands-on, allowing your little ones to interact with the science they’re learning about.

A trip through time

Then back down the elevator and into the past you go.

Venture from ancient times up until the 1940s as you wander around the museum, discovering how the Chemical Industry transformed the world we live in today.

You’ll be welcomed by reconstructed, lifelike scenes and then be able to test your newfound knowledge when you take on one of the computer quizzes.

With new exhibitions and events throughout the year, your trip to Catalyst Science Discovery Centre and Museum is never the same twice.

Be sure to keep an eye out for any upcoming events that really capture your little one's attention so you don’t miss out.

Afternoon tea anyone?

Why not combine your day of fun with a heritage afternoon tea?

With plenty of finger sandwiches to tuck into, a variety of sweet treats for dessert, and a hot coffee to sip on – there aren’t many better ways to energise back up.

Plus you’ll be sat in the Observatory Gallery, so when you manage to pull your eyes away from the stacks of delicious food, you’ll be met by the incredible landscape surrounding the building.

Getting the kids out of the house and encouraging them to learn as much about the world we live in as possible is an incredible way of spending a day out.

Who knows, maybe just a day of exploring Catalyst will inspire them down a pathway for the rest of their lives. You might just have the very next world-leading scientist on your hands.

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