A forest teeming with beautiful life

The forest will welcome you with the gentle sound of the birds tweeting and the mist softening the greenery around you at Chalet, just west of Exeter.

Let your mind wander as you breathe in the smell of the conifers. And walk under the shadow of a nightjar's wing as the glitter of sunlight reflects the raindrops on the leaves around you.

You'll feel your body relax with a calm mind and let the fresh air hit you as you take a stroll with your faithful dog by your side. 

How to spot the marvellous forest animals

Gripping your pair of binoculars, see if you can get a close look at the sleepy-eyed hedgehog with its characteristic brown spines.

Then hear the bushes sway as you move your binoculars to the other side and spot a squirrel chipping at nuts in its small paws.

Not a big fan of animals? Your binoculars will still come in handy when you sit under the shade of a tree and recognise the sweet woodruff from its distinctive honey and vanilla smell.

Adjust your binoculars and see how it thrives in the shade - it's actually a unique herb that loves the shadows!

Wherever you're located, it's always a wonderful idea to spend some time in the forest as it has a noticeable positive effect on your well-being.

With that said, we think it's well worth planning a day out in the beautiful forest of Chalet.

Lone Tree,