Chalkney Wood

Chalkney Wood

Springtime in the 73 hectares of Chalkney Wood always begins with a concert of birds singing.

You'll hear them as soon as you enter the forest and inhale the fresh air coming from the old trees.

If you're taking on the challenge of finishing a few thousand steps a day, what better place to do that than this gorgeous forest?

Bring a best friend or a partner along and you'll discover a new (and inexpensive!) way to get closer to one another, breaking the silence only with your laughter as you explore this magical place together and make amazing memories that'll last forever.

Get ready to be absorbed into the magic of the wood

You can't pass this spot without taking a photo - it's just too beautiful.

We'd also recommend getting closer to nature by bending down to smell the sweet scent of magical bluebells, hanging down like church bells.

Lay your head against the tree trunk and ponder on the fact that this wood has been around since the last Ice Age.

Reach out and touch an echo of the past, still thriving now.

How to get to this amazing site

Getting those steps up? Let your walking adventure begin 16 minutes before as you hop off the bus at York House, White Colne.

If you'd prefer to drive to the wood, relax with the sound of music coming from the radio as you turn on to Tey Road at the Carved Angel off the A1124.

Escape the busy day-to-day

Living in the city can be hectic and it's so important to take a refreshing break now and then. We'd say Chalkney Wood is the perfect escape.

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