Chambers Farm

Chambers Farm

A smile will be on your face as you catch sight of the sunlight dappled across the leaves.

See the stunning view of the fresh forest come into view and you've arrived at Chambers Farm Wood.

Love hunting for exotic flowers and stunning plants?

Take a few steps forward and breathe in the beautiful floral scents that await you.

Get closer to the beautiful butterflies as they dance around your head, like a galaxy of stars moving across the forest sky.

Different ways to explore the beauty of the wood

Chambers Farm Wood is an incredible spot to relax or get your daily workout done.

Visit in autumn and let the breeze brush through your hair as you feel snug and cosy, surrounded by the naked trees with the floor covered in a stunning shower of russet orange leaves.

Want to start with a quick and easy route? The sound of birds singing will rest your mind as you stroll along the Red Trail.

If you're looking for something a bit more challenging, explore the ancient trees and twisted roots set into the earth at the Green Trail.

Treat yourself to a lovely meal

Enjoy the stunning spots at Sence Valley as you take a seat on the picnic benches and lay your tasty feast on the table.

You'll be just a stone's throw away from the car, ready for the journey home and feeling fresh from all the clean air you've been breathing in.

There are wonders in Chambers Farm Wood and they're ready to be discovered by you at any time of the year.

Chambers Farm,
Hoop Lane,

Free parking