Chargot Wood

Chargot Wood

Picture this. Your day at Chargot Wood starts with the sun rising in the east as you hear the familiar sound of birds tweeting amongst the trees.

Listen carefully and you might just notice the soft brush of grass moving with the light breeze.

The wood is almost empty except for a few other people passing by and crickets chirping around you.

This relaxing place is located in Exmoor National Park and the serenity helps your mind connect to your soul as you take time to think while breathing in the wonderful sweet-smelling air.

History to uncover

Your pleasant walk might end with an interesting discovery of the historic remains at West Somerset Mineral Line.

Take a walk along the forest track and you'll stumble upon the Bearland Ventilation Chimney that was built in 1860.

Touch the cracks twisting around the structure as you get a closer look.

It was actually originally built to support the airing of the iron mine workings below it.

Use the power of your imagination to create the sounds of the metal being extracted as the workers below toiled day after day.

Let the kids get their energy out

It's guaranteed this wood will be a new best friend to your little one as they uncover mother nature's beauty.

Together, you can feel the thrill of seeing brightly coloured butterflies taking a little drink from the plants as you stand quietly behind the trees, placing your hands on their twisted vines and watching closely.

Walking through this serene forest is simply spectacular, and a great way to clear your mind. Take daily walks to Chargot Wood and see the real changes for yourself.

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