Chawton Park Woods

Chawton Park Woods

A place of peace. That's the thing about Chawton Park Woods.

It lets your creativity stroll down endless pathways as the warm sunshine soaks your skin.

And that's exactly what happened to the English novelist, Jane Austen, who used to take walks here.

Take inspiration from Jane and bring your own work with you.

Let your mind be free as you breathe in the sweet scent from the bluebells.

Jane spent her most productive literary years in this wonderful woodland where she got her thoughts and inspiration between the trees.

You'll feel your heartbeat slow and your breathing become calmer as you take a seat on a tree's branch and run your hand along the bark.

Open your ears to hear the silence of the forest, broken only by running squirrels searching for food. Who knows? One of these little furry creatures may just inspire your next novel.

Pause for a moment and take a deep breath

Tune in to the sound of grasshoppers chirping and take in the amazing scenery of the bright blue sky in between the leaves as you look up.

Chawton Park is the perfect spot to catch up with an old friend or a beloved partner.

Enjoy the sea of greenery around you as the sun shines on you both, the sound of rustling animals in the undergrowth keeping you company as you stroll along.

Time is never wasted when venturing around the forest and reconnecting with nature.

Chawton Park offers the perfect opportunity to do just that.

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