Chichester Cathedral

Chichester Cathedral

Above buildings and peeking around street corners, lying at the heart of Chichester, the cathedral rises up, drawing you further into the city to explore its intriguing past.  

Then finally, when the walls of the cathedral themselves rise up in front of you – the awe of a history dating back 900 years, masterful architecture everywhere you look, and the excitement to step inside arrive in one exciting burst.  

The view from outside

Before you step inside the cathedral, however, there’re a few spots you’ll want to check out first. 

The free-standing Bell Tower, located near the entrance of the cathedral, is the only one in England to have survived.  

And it sure lives up to its name, filling the city with the sonorous melody of ringing bells regularly. 

Standing right next to the tower is the statue of St. Richard, with a cloak of bronze wrapped around him.  

The statue is one of the more modern aspects of the cathedral, being commissioned at the turn of the 21st-century.   

A sky of arching ceilings

Having spent your time at the cathedral so far in awe of the architecture from the outside, we think it’s about time you headed inside.  

As you step through the entrance, the marvel of the cathedral’s interior strikes you immediately, leaving you stood in simple adoration of what humans can create.  

From the tiles covering the floor, to the stained-glass windows illuminating the cathedral in vibrant blues and rich reds – everywhere you look your vision is filled with something beautiful. 

Stroll from chapel to chapel, beside plinths stretching up to the arching ceiling above, down aisles bordered by ancient tombs. 

Melodies ringing out

Be on the watch for upcoming events. The cathedral often hosts concerts, filling every open space of the building with melodies of Mozart and Chopin.  

When the instruments are put away and the choir takes the stand, replacing delicate strings and striking piano chords are the harmonic tones of voices. 

You might even be lucky enough to hear them practicing as you tour the cathedral, giving your wander around the place one of the most memorable soundtracks you could wish for.  

A garden escape

Opposite the cathedral, you’ll find the Bishop’s Palace Garden. Ending your trip with a stroll along pathways bordered by beds bursting with serene flowers and plants sounds perfect to us. 

And with the cathedral watching over it all, you’ll be planning your return to this fascinating city before you’re back in the car and headed for home. 

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