Christchurch Castle and Norman House

Christchurch Castle and Norman House

Choosing whether to explore Christchurch Castle or the Norman House first is like choosing between two of your favourite foods. There’s no bad decision.

Standing roadside, the Norman House calls from the left, its remarkably intact walls asking to be explored.

But then up and to the right, Christchurch Castle stands overlooking the area and is just as tempting a place to begin your adventure.

It may just be us, but the stairs leading up to the castle are so reminiscent of Hogwarts that to resist the urge to run up and down them shouting ‘I’m a wizard’ is almost impossible.

Home to Norman lords

So which one will it be?

If your feet wander off in the direction of the Norman House, as soon as you enter through the rugged stone archway and into the heart of the building, you know you’ve made a wise decision.

Every other thought you have is overridden by the atmosphere of the place.

The rugged stone walls reach up high and impress on you the sheer size and respect this building once commanded.

When you spot the chimney stretching above the walls, it’s easy to imagine what the house would’ve been like hundreds of years ago.

A roaring fire keeping the winter cold at bay, smoke gushing out into the sky, while lords and ladies danced and dined the night away.

Climb the hill and explore the castle ruins

Once you’re done wandering the Norman House, you’ll find the call of those winding stairs leading up to Christchurch Castle still needs to be answered.

The hill you'll find the castle on would’ve been manmade and surrounded by a water-filled moat.

The remaining ruins give you an idea of just how dominant the castle was over the area - you would’ve been able to see it from wherever you were in town.

Things to do nearby

It won’t take too long to explore the house and castle so we think tying them into a longer day of explorations is the perfect way to see them.

Once you're finished digging into the past, why not take a walk along the banks of the River Avon nearby?

Grab a drink or something to eat at The Kings Arms just across the road once you're done exploring or head to Wild & Free to pick up a coffee and piece of cake to enjoy on your travels.

However you choose to spend your day in Christchurch, we don't think it'll be long until the inspiration strikes for a return trip to continue your adventures in the area.

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