Cilgwyn Wood

Cilgwyn Wood

Spending the whole day exploring a forest or walking under the treetops of woodlands is always a day well spent in our books.

But we understand sometimes you don't have time for an all-day adventure.

Well, that’s where Cilgwyn Wood comes in handy.

A short escape

Hiding away in rural Carmarthenshire, the wood can be found between the towns of Llandovery and Llangadog.

It’s quite small, the main trail running through the area is only around two miles long and takes about an hour or so to complete. But this is where we think Cilgwyn Wood holds a lot of its charm.

Even on a busy day, you’re sure to have a few moments spare, and getting out into nature, even if it's for ten minutes, is one of the best things you can do for your mental health.

Up hills and under treetops

Walking through Cilgwyn Wood, you’ll reach heights where the farmland and fields of Carmarthenshire fall away all around you, then soon after be passing under canopies of old beech trees and strolling beside giant Douglas firs.

The stillness of the woodland, and the quiet noises drifting through the area inevitably wander into your own mind, filling you with a sense of peace that radiates from every direction.

It reminds you to take a breath, to really feel the air flowing through your nostrils, and let go of all your worries and thoughts.

You might be out in nature for barely half an hour, but you’ll be leaving feeling as though you’ve spent a day on a meditative retreat.

Finding a moment for yourself

Whether you head out in the morning for a quick stroll to begin the day, or in the evening to wind down, your short escape to Cilgwyn Wood is a way of prioritising yourself and your mental health for a moment.

And sometimes nothing is as important as that.

So, got an hour spare at all? Because nature is waiting, and your adventure starts when you take that first step.

Planning your trip 

Take the A4069 towards Llangadog and turn left along the road signposted to Myddfai. 

After a mile, go straight on at the junction. Go just over a mile further and you'll find the entrance on the left just after Cilgwyn Manor Farm. 

Cilgwyn Manor,

Free parking