Clay Bank

Clay Bank

Every time we make a new set of New Year resolutions, one of the top goals is to focus on our health. The beautiful Clay Bank Forest can help you to do just that with a sprinkle of determination.

Not sure where to start your journey? Begin with a relaxed drive to the free parking spaces at Clay Bank - the perfect base as you set off for a day of adventures.

As birds tweet around you and fly from one huge tree to the next, you'll feel your stress levels go down and energy levels go up.

Upgrade your daily walk

Power through a National Trail in northern England with the help of your walking boots. With easy access to the Cleveland Way from Clay Bank, you'll already be on the right track.

You'll blossom and bloom over the next nine days as you trek along the exciting 110 mile-long trail.

Hear your hiking sticks against the ground as you pass by sheep who'll keep you company along the way.

Want to try a different route?

Take the 20-minute drive from Clay Bank to Coate Moor to kick off another amazing adventure and get the blood pumping.

You'll feel the tree roots under your feet as you search for a destroyed stone row, dating from the Bronze Age.

Lay your hand on it and imagine how much history it's seen from its spot in the forest.

The path isn't long when you're in good company

This is the ideal place for any dog who loves to get outside.

Enjoy a beautiful walk with the sound of your little pal padding along beside you.

Whether you need time for yourself or you're heading in with family, this forest can give you endless options when it comes to outdoor activities.

Keep track of your mental and physical goals in a beautiful area that will give you the push that you need.

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