ClueFinders Liverpool LTD

ClueFinders Liverpool LTD

Think you’ll escape in time?

So, you always thought of yourself as a detective, ey? A modern-day Sherlock Holmes?

You might even have a little experience on your hands. Perhaps you tracked down the thief of the last mince pie one Christmas, or discovered who left the toilet seat up before going to bed?

Well, at ClueFinders in Liverpool, you get to put all your skills to the test. But this is one mission you can’t solve alone. You’ll need the help of others if you’re to get to the bottom of these mysteries.

Who you choose to accompany you on your mission is paramount to success.

You’ll have to work together to solve clues against the clock, using all your knowledge and powers of deduction to escape in time!

Choose your mission!

Always had a love for those old-school spy movies? Step into Remy’s Room and you’ll soon feel like you’re in one.

It’s the 1940s, and it’s up to you to solve the mysterious disappearance of top British spy Remy Blumenfeld. Will you be able to find him in time?

Or perhaps you’re after a treasure once thought to only ever exist in myths and legends?

When a map comes into your possession detailing the location of a secret tomb, your adventure into a long-lost world begins.

First, you’ll have to find the tomb. Only then will you be able to discover the mysteries that have been hidden for all this time.

Race to victory

Fancy putting a competitive edge on your visit to ClueFinders?

If you’re coming as part of a larger group, between seven and 14 people, you’ll be split into two groups and go head-to-head with one another.

You’ll be placed in exactly the same rooms, with the same task, but who will manage to solve the case quicker and earn bragging rights for the trip back?

Coming to ClueFinders later in the year? From the end of November and through the Christmas period, Remy’s Room takes on a festive atmosphere.

Bring the whole family along to get them in the Christmas spirit! You’ll soon be headed back home with all the holiday favourites filling the car and pigs in blankets on your mind.

Will you escape?

Whether you’re coming along with family, friends, or with your work colleagues on a team-building day out – as soon as you step inside the escape room, everything becomes about working together to get out.

Will your trip to ClueFinders end in success? Put those detective skills to the test and you’ll soon find out!

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