Clun Castle

Clun Castle

In the life of a castle, 400 years is a mere blink of an eye.

But in that time, Clun Castle rose to its majestic prominence over the English-Welsh border and then came straight back down.

Every bit of information you discover about the castle’s long-ago life makes it more and more understandable why this was the case.

The Marches: a history of beauty and rivalry

Clun is located within the strip between England and Wales known as the Welsh Marches, the land where the countries meet.

Hostilities and conflicts between the two during the medieval ages made for tensions that often broke out in battles, Clun Castle being at the centre of many.

Stood now at the remains of the castle, the most powerful sensation to sweep over you is the tranquillity of the surrounding area.

The hills of Shropshire ebb and flow away in all directions, and the land of Wales stretches away to the west.

The castle ruins have a mystical way of transporting you back to medieval times.

Looking out towards Wales, all you have to do is let your imagination wander and soon you’ll be spotting Welsh princes leading armies towards you over the hills.

Attacks from the English

Looking the other way, into the heart of England you might think the only thing waiting for you are the breathtaking views of the Shropshire Hills, but you’d be mistaken.

The views of nature soon become filled with the troops of English soldiers marching towards you.

For a short time, the owners of the castle swapped sides and joined the rebellion against the King of England.

The King sent soldiers to attack the castle and soon shut down the rebellion; the focus quickly swapping back to fighting Wales.

Then years later, the Welsh came with a mighty army which was too much for Clun to withstand; the castle finally fell.

Watching the world go by

But as soon as you arrive at Clun Castle, standing amidst Clun Valley, the strategic benefits and position for the castle's location now make for spectacular panoramic views of the countryside.

The River Clun winds its way past the castle and on a still day when not even the wind rustles the long grasses, you might even hear the faint running of its waters.

The castle remains are as fascinating as the views.

Walk across the bridge in the Great Tower and look out through the crumbling window.

A mosaic of ancient stone climbs up above you and down below, hinting at the size and grandeur of the old tower.

And surrounding you completely are green fields and treetop-covered hills, stretching away as far as the horizon.

Your adventure to Clun Castle

Just simply standing in the area fills you with an odd sensation of awe and nostalgia for a time gone by.

We think whether you’re going for the history, views, or just to get out of the house for a while – Clun Castle will leave you filled with wonder and amazement.

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