Coatham Wood

Coatham Wood

You'll be filled with joy when you head to Coatham Wood, knowing you have this time to focus on yourself.

As the sun fills the sky with its beautiful light and the birds sing among the branches, close your eyes to breathe in the refreshing scent of the conifers around you.

Bring the dog along and they'll be off, sniffing the soil and plants as the fresh air touches your skin, greeting you, and asking you to relax and enjoy this moment.

Make memories with the kids

Coatham Wood is the ideal spot to create an amazing outdoor experience for your little one.

Pick up some pine cones together or collect leaves to remember your beautiful day out. They'll no doubt come in handy for a scrapbook, crafting session, or school project in the near future.

In between the trees, you'll hear echoes of the kids giggling as they play hide and seek, crouching behind huge broadleaf trees that have lived here for decades.

Can you hear the sound of the tawny owl too? Their dark eyes will be darting around, looking for their next meal as they swoop above you.

And keep an eye out for the beautiful dragonflies.

You'll gaze in amazement as they flitter past you, amazing coloured patches covering their bodies, as their glass-like wings keep them hovering above the surface of the lake.

Connecting with nature

Stand in the centre of the woods and give yourself time to be as you breathe the fresh air in.

Keep visiting the stunning scenery at Coatham Wood and you'll no doubt find yourself revitalised as you head back home.

Eastgate Farm,
County Durham,

Free parking