Cogra Moss

Cogra Moss

A stunning backdrop with an enchanting atmosphere

You’ll feel a rush of excitement making your way to Cogra Moss, on the western edge of the Lake District National Park.

Inspiration will pour from the vast green fields and distant mountains as you drive through the winding lanes, windows open, basking in the fresh country breeze brushing against your skin.

Leave the car at Felldyke Car Park and start your trek to the reservoir, ready to take on a challenge and explore this beautiful area of Cumbria.

Bring the dog so they can enjoy the endless beauty of Cogra Moss too.

Feel you can hike some more?

It’s a good thing you’ve decided on the comfy walking boots for this trip!

Take it a step further as you hit Blake Fell, basking in the glorious scenery overlooking Scotland, the Isle of Man, and the Solway Coast.

Fancy a camping trip?

You may have noticed the Felldyke Bunkhouse in the distance as you parked the car.

There are so many hidden coves and gems at Cogra Moss, so staying overnight will let you discover all corners with a clear view the next day.

Just imagine waking up to those breathtaking views with the fresh scents of country life!

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to give fly fishing a go?

You’ll love the calm setting here, with the slight sounds of flowing water in the background as you likely catch either rainbow or brown trout.

You’ll already be planning your next visit

With the activities and inspirational landscapes here, you’ll be mapping out your next visit sooner rather than later.

Want to share this experience with friends and family?

Be sure to make Cogra Moss your new destination for trips and adventures you’ll never forget.

High Howes,
High Trees Farm,

Free parking