Cookworthy Forest

Cookworthy Forest

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Starting in the right place

The forests and woodlands of the UK stand as some of the most magical and tranquil places you’re likely to come across on any adventure. 

Just the thought of leaf-covered floors and tree trunks stretching into the distance has the power to fill you with a sense of calm. 

But when you head to Cookworthy Forest in Devon, you’re also heading into the heart of Ruby Country - sounds pretty cool, right?  

Into the forest

Waiting for you at Cookworthy Forest is a mixture of coniferous woodlands and open moorland.  

Trees often run in parallel rows, creating long aisles stretching deep into the forest. Roots bulge out of the ground, covered in a blanket of moss and soft needles.  

And then suddenly the world brightens, the trees are left behind and fields covered in heather and tall grasses sit under an open sky.  

Perfect place in our books to take a rest for a moment, unscrew the top off that flask and sip on a warm tea while the world slowly moves around you.  

Raising that pulse

The long trails winding their way around the entirety of Cookworthy Forest make it the perfect place for heading out on a run.  

Pull on those trainers and pack the bag with plenty of water, gearing yourself up for a jog among some stunning scenery.  

Trail running is a world away from getting on the treadmill - your focus dials in; everything becomes about where you are and where your next step is going to take you.  

You’ll be headed back home sweaty, slightly tired – but most importantly – with endorphins buzzing around your body and that ‘runners high’ making you want to start all over again. 

Spectacular no matter the time

Watch the morning summer sunrise in the east, gleaming around tree trunks and casting long shadows across the forest floor.  

Or head out on a winter trek, when the branches stretching above are covered in a frosty film.  

There’s never a bad time to visit Cookworthy Forest. Turn up prepared for the weather and with plenty of water and your day is set. 

What do you reckon? About time for an adventure? 

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