Coombs Wood

Coombs Wood

It’s undeniable that forests and woods are a place of peace and tranquility.

Walking beside gnarled trees decades old and watching young wildlife dart overhead allows us to escape from the modern world for a moment.

To take a deep breath, shut our eyes, and listen to the sounds of the forest.

The River Eden flowing nearby

Head to Coombs Wood and that’s not the only delights you’re about to uncover.

The River Eden carves its way through the Cumbrian countryside, the flowing waters your companion as you travel through the woodland.

With the soft rustle of leaves and singing of birds above, alongside the distant hum of the river, we’re sure as soon as you step foot into the woods, you won’t need to search for peace and quiet – it’ll find you first.

Interesting sights to keep your eyes open for are the poem and faces carved into the side of rocks.

Their mysterious origin and striking detail will leave you and your imagination in a whirlwind.

Who are they? Who was the sculptor? What are their secrets? The possibilities are limitless.

Where to find Coombs Wood

Coombs Wood is located between the Lake District and North Pennines, making it the perfect destination for a stop-off on your travels. But it’s also ideal for a full day of exploring too.

There are shorter or longer walks to discover, ranging in distance and time.

So whether you only want to explore Coombs Wood, or fancy including it within a longer walk from the nearby town of Armathwaite, every level of walker can find a perfect route.

A woodland of conifers

Scots pine, larch, and Douglas fir trees dominate Coombs Wood. It’s a forest of conifers.

And being evergreens, throughout the whole year the forest always feels alive.

Even in winter when snow covers much of the woodland, highlights of green stand out against the white, signaling the life hidden beneath.

Taking a moment to find stillness

Whether you head to Coombs Wood for a day of peaceful walking or park up the car for a moment just to stretch your legs, we recommend breathing in the pine-scented air, listening to the world of the forest, and taking a minute for yourself.

It soon becomes obvious how the nature around us inspires a calmness like no other.

The call of Coombs Wood will beckon you anytime you're in the area, and truly we couldn't think of any better way to answer other than tying up those walking boots and heading off down one of the trails.

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