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Wildlife on your doorstep

We’re lucky enough in the UK to be surrounded by some of the most intriguing, diverse, and spectacular wildlife anywhere in the world.

Just going for a walk in your local woods or through a Nature Reserve, signs of this incredible life are impossible to miss.

From fox dens, to squirrels scurrying up trees, to the birds flying above it all – there’s a lot to keep an eye out for.

How we’re treating the natural world and environment is one of the most critical conversations going on right now, and rightly so if we want to be part of a world where humans, animals, and wildlife all live happily together.

And that’s why places like the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, along with the other 45 Wildlife Trust sites around the UK, have become such a crucial voice in leading the change that needs to happen.

The different environments to discover

From Bakers Pit in Penzance to Marsland Valley straddling the Devon-Cornwall border, up and down the length of the UK’s most southerly county are Nature Reserves waiting to be explored.

Whether you’re up for a stroll through heathland with the open sky above, or prepping for an adventure through ancient woodlands of oak and hazel – a simple walk in nature has the power to inspire.

So, bring the family along, little ones wrapped up with wellies pulled on tight, and begin your journey into Cornwall’s wild beauty.

A simple walk in the outdoors could be all they need to lead them down a path for the rest of their lives, determined to use their voice to change the world for the better.

Watch out for exciting events

While you’re surrounded by the wildlife of Cornwall, save a little time to just be still for a moment.

Nothing can really compare to the peace you’ll find weaving through environments where ancient trees and land stretching away in purple heather fill your vision.

Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events hosted by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust too.

Whether it’s a Wild Walk or listening in on a talk about the environment – why not search out something new and give it a go?

So, head out solo, or even bring some company for a good natter along your walk, either way – you’ll soon thank yourself for taking the time to embark on an adventure into the beauty of the natural world.

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