Cosmeston Lakes Country Park

Cosmeston Lakes Country Park

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There’s so much to love

Why should Cosmeston Lakes Country Park be your go-to destination when you’re in need of family fun and relaxation?   

Let us paint a picture for you... 

As you enter this paradise of a park, your eyes will meet a beautiful lake glistening in the sunlight. Absorb the serene atmosphere while watching a bevy of elegant swans glide across the water.  

Tear soft pieces of bread into a hundred tiny chunks before feeding them to the waddling ducks. With the little ones, you can spot squirrels scurrying near the towering trees and shrubs. 

Empty your thoughts while taking a long stroll alongside the lake or take a quick jog to get your blood pumping. Feel the fresh breeze flow through your hair and you’ll notice the route become a blur on both sides as you race past the gorgeous greenery.  

Any stomachs rumbling?

Bring a picnic and enjoy your favourite sandwiches and snacks in a peaceful environment. Pop the picnic blanket down on the grass, before digging out your favourite treats to enjoy. 

While letting all that scrumptious food digest, you can luxuriate in the sunlight. As you rest your eyes, the kids will be just a few footsteps away from you, having fun in the playground.  

You’re promised to relive these precious moments with your loved ones, every time you take a trip to Cosmeston Lakes Country Park. 

Cosmeston Lakes,
Country Park,
Cosmeston Country Park,
South Glamorgan,
CF64 5UY

Free Parking, Toilets, Cafe