Rally/4x4 Combo

Rally/4x4 Combo

Cotswold Driving Experiences

Available to 31 December 9999
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The 4×4 Off Road Driving in the morning will test your nerves to the limit as you climb vertical ascents, control vertical drops, power through water troughs and fight the vehicle as it tilts up almost onto 2 wheels! 

The course is split into 2 elements with the training carried out on the elementary obstacles and then the intensity and difficulty of the obstacles and techniques increases throughout the morning! 

All of this is done in our Land Rover Discovery with a fully trained instructor alongside to guide you and encourage you!  Good luck!

And then, after lunch, you forget everything you’ve just learnt in order to tackle our Rally Driving experience!

This form of motorsport is all about controlling a car at speed whilst travelling sideways on a marble-like surface! 

You’ll enjoy several practice and tuition session where you’ll be taught how to slide the car around, handbrake turns and a very counter intuitive way to use the throttle pedal! 

Once all of your practice and tuition is complete, the red mist will descend as the stop watches come out for the competitive session to determine our “Driver of the Day”. 

And then your instructor will jump in the Driver’s seat to take you out for an infamous White Knuckle Passenger ride to show you how the pro’s do it!  Hold on tight …..

Gloucestershire GL7 5QF
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