Covent Garden’s Hidden Gems: A self-guided walking tour

Covent Garden’s Hidden Gems: A self-guided walking tour

London is filled with remarkable and spectacular places, often hidden in plain sight. As is the fast-paced nature of city life, these can sometimes be missed simply because you’ve walked past them 1000 times and they’ve become your normal.

However, they’re certainly anything but normal, and on the Covent Garden Hidden Gems tour you’re about to discover why.

Where will your wandering feet lead you?

The self-guided walking tour allows you to explore at your own pace, but sparing a few hours will serve you well.

Then, when you walk by a charming café, you can hit the pause button and enjoy your beverage of choice, knowing you’ve got the rest of the adventure ahead of you.

Once you’ve re-energised back up on coffee and cake, hit the play button and the narrator will continue filling you in on all the enchanting stories of the area.

Your day of adventure is waiting

You’ll learn all about the history of St. Paul’s Church, stroll down the vibrant streets of Neal’s Yard, before taking a wander down the Strand where a view of the marvellous Savoy awaits.

The tour offers you a unique glimpse into a Covent Garden unknown to most, shining a light on its hidden gems.

All you need is your phone, a pair of earphones and the curiosity to explore. With those covered, you’ve got the wonderful beginnings of a day of adventure.

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