Cowleaze Wood

Cowleaze Wood

Before you’ve even made the decision to head to Cowleaze Wood, your little four-legged friend already seems to know what’s coming.

Their tail starts to wag at the idea of open paths ready to be explored and new smells to discover.

Bringing the pup along

Then the same idea will cross your mind and just the thought of heading to the woods fills you with a sense of peace.

You’ll find everything you and your little friend could hope for at Cowleaze Wood.

Pathways wind between trees and under vast canopies of vibrant green leaves, making your explorations as diverse as the wildlife you’re surrounded by.

Fun, games, and a little snack

There’s plenty of open grass areas here too, so once your feet start to get a little achy, you'll easily find a lovely spot to rest a moment.

Whether you’ve brought the dog along, you’re exploring with the family, or you’ve headed out on a solo adventure, be sure to pack a few nibbles so you can power up before continuing through the wood.

Signs of the past

Try and find the stone plinth erected in honour of a World War II air force crew who crashed in the wood on their return to England.

The monument is inscribed with the crew’s names and it's an incredibly awe-filling experience to see those that fought for our freedom.

A return to Cowleaze Wood never fails to bring the peace and quiet you’re searching for.

However many times you come back (quite a few we reckon), that feeling never wears away, and you'll always head home feeling like you can breathe a little deeper and think a little clearer.

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