Creake Abbey

Creake Abbey

Before you even arrive at Creake Abbey in Norfolk, the drive through the countryside sets up the whole day to be a good one.

When you finally reach your destination, the serene countryside views continue.

But now it’s not only fields and hedgerows to admire, there's also the impressive remains of the old abbey itself.

It all feels rather romantic really - surrounded by quintessential English countryside with the idea of a time long ago.

But the peaceful life the abbey now lives was not always the case.

The fire of Creake Abbey

The building started out life as a small chapel when it was first constructed around the beginning of the 13th century.

Soon after, it was elevated to abbey status by King Henry III. An impressive start to life, right?

But soon the abbey began to face hardships it couldn’t come back from.

A fire swept through, destroying much of the building, and soon after, a plague came and wiped out the monks and abbots who were living there.

Grand archways and grass aisles

If you didn’t know the history, it’d be easy to presume the abbey lived a peaceful life and its looks now are just a reflection of its old age.

Time has an incredible way of doing this, bringing a sense of peace to a place that has gone through so many hardships.

As you wander the grounds of Creake Abbey, it’s not sorrow you’re filled with, but awe and respect.

The archways that still remain are truly impressive, standing like giants' entrances throughout the whole area.

Ancient stone walls run parallel with one another, creating an aisle of grass in between.

Then from above, light filters in through the open windows creating arching shadows on the ground below.

A trip to the farmers market

If you head to Creake Abbey on the first Saturday of the month (except in January), you’ll be treated to the delights of the local farmers market going on close by.

Every month brings new local produce and a number of amazing homemade treats.

But don’t worry, if you’re visiting any other time you’ll still have the opportunity to get your hands on some lovely items, this time from Creake Abbey Café and Food Hall.

Whether you stop off for breakfast, lunch, or afternoon tea, the whole menu is filled with delicious choices and none of it fails to disappoint.

We think you might be leaving with some goodies as well after you’ve wandered around the Food Hall.

Fresh sourdough bread, seasonal fruit and veg, local wine, and beer – just to name a few – are all available to take home.

You’ll soon be back home and resting those wandering legs.

With a glass of wine or local ale in hand, we don’t think there are many better ways to end the day.

Creake Abbey,
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