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Experience one of the best Creative Wellbeing Workshops with Happiness For The Many

Meet Amie & Katie, two friends on a grand mission to spread a little bit more happiness using arts and crafts! Join Happiness For The Many and celebrate your imagination and creativity this year when you embark upon a unique and rejuvenating Creative Wellbeing Workshop.

Arts and Crafts courses and classes near you 

Get ready to discover an empowering space for you to reconnect with your creativity and meet likeminded individuals! With a range of courses, classes and events, you can look forward to a day of activities designed to help you refocus, reconnect and recentre yourself:

  • Improvisation: Be spontaneous and embrace your creativity with no limits or restrictions!
  • Music: Enjoy accompanying music carefully curated to help you spur on your imagination 
  • Arts: Let your imagination flow through your fingertips and create unique art 
  • Crafts: Become inspired and pick up an old craft or learn something new!
  • Dressing Up Box: Delve deep into the world of dress-up and recreate yourself

Happiness is for the Many, not the Few

Take a look at the Creative Wellbeing Workshop classes near you and join Amie and Katie as you spread happiness, share laughter and create connections through arts and crafts!

You're Invited "The Disco Edition" - Happiness For The Many

Happiness For The Many invites you to The Disco Edition of Creative Wellbeing Workshops! Become inspired & let your creativity flow with arts & crafts

Available from 28 July 2024 to 28 July 2024 Liverpool
Strand Street,
Merseyside L1 8LN
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How to find us

Please check the Location for your Workshop on the relevant page. 

Yes! The creative minds behind Happiness for the Many and their Creative Wellbeing Workshops have carefully crafted the courses to be inviting and inclusive for everyone.

If there are any accessibility needs or queries, feel free to approach someone onsite. 

Happiness for the Many have a recommended age of 16+ - however, this is just a recommendation, and the courses are appropriate for all-ages. 

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