Creech Woods

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Signs of an old world

Creech Woods is a reminder of what the world was like hundreds of years ago when England was made up mostly of wildlands and forests dominating the landscape.

At one time, Creech Woods would’ve been part of the uninterrupted Forest of Bere, stretching across Hampshire and covering part of South England.

Later, with the coming of the Normans, it became a Royal Forest where kings would go hunting for wild boar and deer.

The old life of Creech Woods is never far away.

If you’re out for an early morning walk, the sun casting long shadows over the woodland floor, you might even spot one of the deer that still call the wood their home.

Stretching your legs exploring the wood

Driving into Creech Woods, where mature conifers and broadleaves such as birch and oak fill the wood, immediately brings a feeling of calm.

Then, once you leave the car behind and set off on foot, that peace is only amplified.

Long stretches of conifers reach up high from the woodland floor, their branchless bottoms allowing you to stare deeply into the heart of the woods.

We don’t know which is better; when the air is clear and it feels like the trees go on forever, or exploring the forest on a misty morning when everything is covered in a soft hazy blanket and the mystical atmosphere is almost tangible.

Untouched woodland

The fact paths aren’t waymarked only adds to the mystical feel of Creech Woods - one which feels like human hands have had little involvement and the woodland has been left to its own devices.

Walkways can become quite muddy if there’s been any rain so be sure to bring along a map and some wellies.

Sitting down after your adventure

After all those steps, you might just fancy sitting down for a while. Not far from Creech Woods is The Forest of Bere pub in Waterlooville which is perfect for that first cold sip of a golden pint.

Then once the smells from the kitchen come rolling in, the hunt for the menu becomes inevitable and you'll be um'ing and ah'ing over all the delights to choose from.

But soon you’ll be itching to be back in the woods.

If not that very same day, we’re sure it won’t be long until you're back under the treetops and surrounded by the beautiful nature we have here in Britain.

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