Cromwell's Castle

Cromwell's Castle

No matter where you go on the Isles of Scilly, a peacefulness seems to accompany you.

But Cromwell’s Castle has something to say about that.

Sounds of cannon fire on the horizon

As soon as you spot the tower standing guard to the islands of Bryher and Tresco, the idea of quiet suddenly seems impossible.

Rumbles of cannon fire shake the shoreline from a time long ago, when the English Civil War was at its most fierce and Royalists and Parliamentarians were at each other’s necks.

The castle’s location was key in the war, protecting the main shipping route into the heart of the Scilly Isles.

The castle in the present

You’ll be convinced the tower has grown out of the sea itself.

From a distance, it seems the walls rise straight out of the water surrounding it.

But every step closer reveals the secrets lying within Cromwell’s Castle and the rocky shelf it sits on begins to appear.

The place would’ve been stacked with ammunition and gunpowder, with soldiers above watching the shoreline for snooping enemies.

But a lot of the time soldiers didn’t really have anything to do.

They’d scratch their names into the stone walls, and you can still see evidence of them now: the earliest dating back to 1733.

Getting to Tresco

There are a few ways to get to Tresco from the UK mainland.

You can fly via Land’s End, Newquay, or Exeter airport to St Mary’s, or sail over by ferry from Penzance. Then just a short boat journey across and you’ll be on the island.

Explore a bit further

Check out King Charles’s Castle just up the hill for another step back in time.

Towards the south, you’ll find Tresco Abbey Garden, a must-visit destination before your time on the island comes to a close.

Although it’s just 30 miles from the coast of Cornwall, a walk through the garden is a trip to the Mediterranean.

Palm trees line the pathways and plant life from Brazil all the way to New Zealand thrive.

Whether it's for the history or natural beauty of the place, we think you’ll be very happy you made it out to Tresco.

The only thing left is to plan which island you’ll be adventuring to next, but we won’t be surprised if you end up back here.

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