Croydon Hill

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Before even stepping foot out of the car at Croydon Hill in Somerset, the trees and sights of nature welcome you just as you’d hoped.

But the real fun starts as soon as you take your first step along the trail.

The hidden forest

The quiet of the woods never fails to be a surprise.

When you stand there enclosed by coniferous trees and away from the modern world, the silence that fills the whole area transfers to your own thoughts and brings an immediate sense of peace.

Your lungs seem to expand further, your breath slows, and the clear air refreshes your whole body.

The obvious beauty of the woods is what makes you drive and park up the car, but it’s the hidden beauty that holds you there and keeps you coming back.

Spotting the birds go by

At Croydon Hill, you have plenty of time to fully absorb the peacefulness the forest has on offer.

Along every trail and up every hill, birds dance between trees and dart overhead, making you pause mid-step and simply stand back and watch.

The forest is known as a marvellous bird watching spot so be sure to bring a pair of binoculars to get the best view.

Discover the tallest tree in England

If you’re up for a unique experience, Forestry England also manages nearby Nutcombe Bottom where you can stand in the shadow of the tallest tree in the whole of England.

Or if you fancy a different kind of adventure, the town of Dunster isn’t far away and is filled with lovely pubs and things to do.

We’re quite sure a trip to The Chocolate House will leave anyone with a grin from ear to ear.

The great thing about a day out walking in the woods is that feeling of getting back home, taking your shoes off, and plonking yourself down on the sofa.

But we don’t think it’ll be long until you’re itching to get back out in nature. And the first place you'll be headed? Croydon Hill.

Broadwood Farm,
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