Cwm Rhaeadr

Cwm Rhaeadr

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The day begins

As soon as you slip into your walking boots and get out of the car at Cwm Rhaeadr, the realisation that you’re somewhere truly special fills up every sense.

The silence of the woods never fails to implore you to take a moment and be still.

Simply stand there and watch the world go by. 


The noise of a million blades of grass sweep against each other in a soft whisper, wind whips around tree trunks and gently shakes the whole forest – the orchestra of nature.

Exploring the land of the waterfall

The sign that welcomes you even has an otherworldly feel.

Different tree species punctuate the background in a frenzy of colour, the grasses which surround the sign accompanied by glimmers of bluebells if you happen to turn up in the summer months.

Whether it’s sooner or later on the trails of the forest, the noise of crashing waters will begin to emerge.

In English, Cwm Rhaeadr means ‘land of the waterfall’ - you can bet it lives up to its name.

Where to begin first?

Along the Waterfall Walk, you’ll first catch glimpses of the crashing white waters through the treeline before finally arriving at its base.

Once you’re done marvelling at just how incredible the natural world can be, you’ll be accompanied back to the car park by a calm little stream.

If you’re bringing a pram along or a wheelchair, the Accessible Trail allows you to immerse yourself in nature without the muddy paths and steep climbs.

The pebble-covered pathway melds into wooden boardwalks winding above the water below.

Look over the edge and see the world reflected upside down.

Getting to Cwm Rhaeadr

Head north from Llandovery until you get to Cilycwm, then continue on until you reach the Natural Resources sign pointing you towards the car park.

Where the adventure goes from there is up to you.

But don’t worry if you haven’t got time to fit everything into one day, we think you’ll be coming back to Cwm Rhaeadr a lot from now on.

Cwm Rhaeadr,
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