Dalby Forest

Dalby Forest

Come rain or shine, night or day, your adventures in Dalby Forest are sure to leave you with wonderful memories of time well spent in nature.

Forests are often the perfect place to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the slower pace of life.

To feel the crunch of leaves and branches underfoot, where listening to the quiet life of the forest brings a sense of peace and calm.

How will you choose to explore the forest?

At Dalby Forest, trails such as the Crosscliff View and Ellerburn trail welcome those wishing for such a peaceful walk.

But we know sometimes you might be after a different kind of adventure, one where speed leads the way.

Whether it’s by foot or behind handlebars, at Dalby Forest there are trails designated solely for runners and cyclists.

With the rhythmic crunch of the forest floor underfoot, trees and brambles flying by only for new ones to be discovered around every corner, a whole new world of the forest comes alive.

Join in on the Saturday morning park run and keep an eye out for new events popping up throughout the year. It’s a lovely way to meet other people who share a similar passion.

Exploring from the treetops

Head to Go Ape Dalby and you can even explore the forest from up above.

Whiz through trees down zip wires and slowly inch your way across Khatanga crossing - every new obstacle you face will spike your adrenaline to a whole new level.

Stargazing with the family

With the waning of the sun and the coming of the moon, Dalby Forest yet again demonstrates how unique it is.

Little light pollution ensures the dark skies light up above the treetops. Arrive on the right evening and you might even be lucky enough to see the Milky Way carving a path across the night sky.

Dalby Forest welcomes everyone, from the most experienced adventurers to those who might only just be starting out.

Bring the family, go alone, walk with a loved one - however and whoever it is you choose to explore the forest alongside, you'll have a return trip jotted in your diary before you even get started on the car journey home.

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